The Harpo Foundation was established in 2006 to support emerging visual artists. The foundation seeks to stimulate creative inquiry and to encourage new modes of thinking about art. We view the definitions of art and artist to be open-ended and expansive.
The Foundation’s grant program awards 7-10 grants annually. Grants are made directly to artists to support their development and to non-profit organizations in support of new work by artists. The Foundation also supports two residency fellowship programs. The Native American Residency Fellowship program provides residency opportunities at the Vermont Studio Center to support the development of artists and the potential for inter-cultural dialog. The Emerging Artist Residency Fellowship program supports residency opportunities at the Santa Fe Art Institute for visual artists 25 years and older who need time and space to explore ideas and start new projects.

Board of Directors

Edward Levine

Patricia Fuller

Jeremy Levine

Chaim Levine

Isaac A. Saufer

Charles C. Bergman

Olivia Georgia

Michael Mercil

Marc Fischer (served 2009-2012)


Julie Deamer, Executive Director
Susan Caraballo, Director of Special Projects

Past Advisors


Kay Walkingstick, Cherokee/Scotch-Irish – Native American Fellowship Program
Lia Gangitano – Grant Program
Nick Tobier – Grant Program


heather atone, Choctaw-Chickasaw – Native American Fellowship Program
Galen Joseph-Hunter-Grant Program
CĂ©sar Trasobares-Grant Program


James Lavadour, Walla Walla – Native American Fellowship Program
Rita Gonzalez – Grant Program
Jeffrey Gibson – Grant Program


Ryan Rice, Mohawk of Kahnawake, Quebec – Native American Fellowship Program
Michael Mercil – Grant Program
Stephanie Smith – Grant Program


Maximilian Goldfarb – Grant Program
Christiane Paul – Grant Program


Leonardo Drew – Grant Program
Alma Ruiz – Grant Program


Richard Koshalek – Grant Program
Rina Carvajal – Grant Program