Vermont Studio Center, 2014

Rochelle Kulei Nielsen
Native American Residency Fellow

Rochelle Kulei Nielsen is a member of the Northwest Band of Shoshone Nation. She lives in Vancouver, Washington and works in Portland, Oregon. She received her MFA in Contemporary Studio Practice from Portland State University in 2012. About her work she writes, "I am interested in using traditional materials...


Margaret Jacobs
Native American Residency Fellow

Margaret Jacobs is a member of Mohawk, St. Regis Akwesasne. She has a BA in Studio Art from Dartmouth College. As a recipient of Harpo Foundation's Native American Residency Fellowship award, Ms. Jacobs spent one month in residence at the Vermont Studio Center in January 2015 developing new work. [gallery link="file"...


Ernesto Bautista
Emerging Artist Residency Fellow

The Foundation is pleased to provide residency support to Ernesto Bautista, who will spend time at Santa Fe Art Institute developing new work. Mr. Bautista lives and works in El Salvador and is a founding member of the Fire Theory. ...


Karyn Olivier
Grants for Visual Artists

Through the discrete placement, rearrangement, embellishment, and replication of everyday objects in various sites, Karyn Olivier tries to shift our experience of the familiar. Ms. Olivier writes, “This manipulation reveals the malleable and unfixed nature of objects and spaces — forcing us to reconcile memory(ies) with the present moment, collapsing...


Gabe Kenney
Grants for Visual Artists

Gabe Kenney creates elaborate installation and performance works that combine carefully arranged and selected printed matter like scientific illustrations, diagrams, digital prints and graphic wall patterns with objects of aging technology, whiteboards, organs, janitors equipment to set the stage for a conflicted character to emerge, often performed by the artist...

“3452 Beethoven Garage, May 2013”, Mixed media site-specific installation (Los Angeles, CA), 2013

Kristin Cammermeyer
Grants for Visual Artists

Kristin Cammermeyer develops site-specific installations in varied locations and contexts.  A recent transplant to Los Angeles, she will use the direct artist grant from Harpo to familiarize her self with the city by procuring contiguous sites of production throughout Los Angeles as a means of community engagement. By limiting her...

"Present Perfect," 2013
A rock sits on the keyboard of an open laptop, causing the
computer to infinitely type the letter Y in Microsoft Word.

Alicia Eggert
Grants for Visual Artists

Alicia Eggert’s artwork focuses on the relationship between language, image and time. Her work often moves, changes, deteriorates, and in some cases, even dies. “Language is one of my primary sculptural materials. Words are like found objects - they are easily recognizable and accessible to anyone who speaks the same language...


Jack O’Hearn
Grants for Visual Artists

Jack O’Hearn is interested in material objects and their affect on one’s memory and imagination. He writes, “my work is inspired by my fascination with history, extreme poverty, childhood fantasies, & tales of life beyond the periphery. These subjects share a common link in that they all exist beyond my...


Scott Goss
Grants for Visual Artists

Scott Goss is a multimedia artist who creates experiential environments to explore the subconscious and bring dimension to this dreamlike place. He writes, “In mundane everyday activities, we find time to enter into our thoughts, so we can contemplate, plan, wonder, or remember. Sounds, smells, feelings can toss us into...