Aldwyth, "Where Were You," collage. Image courtesy of Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

Aldwyth and Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art
New Work Project Grant

Aldwyth: Work v. / Work n. Collage and Assemblage 1991- 2009 Presented by Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Charleston, SC October 23, 2009 - January 9, 2010 This exhibition marked the first major retrospective of the collage and assemblage artist Aldwyth. Now in her 70's, Aldwyth lives and works in an...

David Beattie, "Super Collider," 2010. Image courtesy of Mattress Factory.

David Beattie and Mattress Factory
New Work Project Grant

DAVID BEATTIE: OLD LIGHT, NEW DARKNESS Presented by The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA May 8, 2010 - August 8, 2010 David Beattie assembles sound-based installations from repurposed machines, their parts, and other found objects. By transforming ordinary apparatuses, he creates reimagined objects and scenarios that emphasize motion, simple mechanics, and our accumulative...

J.J. McCracken, performance element of "Hunger, Philadelphia." Image courtesy of Arlington Arts Center and the artist..

J.J. McCracken and Arlington Arts Center
New Work Project Grant

J.J. McCracken Hunger, Philadelphia installation, with live activity Calling attention to need as an under-discussed issue in society, the HUNGER project juxtaposes plenty with quality, immediate gratification with sustainability. Hunger, Philadelphia occurred as a site-specific, three-phase project. It examines hunger from a global perspective while responding and contributing to the local community hosting...

Janelle Iglesias, installation view at Firehouse Gallery, Burlington, VT, "Draw Back the Bow," 2010.

Janelle Iglesias and Vermont Studio Center
New Work Project Grant

Janelle Iglesias Artist-in-residence at Vermont Studio Center May - June 2010 "While I work in a variety of media, my practice has always been grounded in using found and familiar objects. I’m interested in their life span, the stories they tell and how we interpret them. Why are we...

Jennet Thomas, "All Suffering SOON TO END!" (production still), 2009. Image courtesy of Matt's Gallery

Jennet Thomas and Matt’s Gallery
New Work Project Grant

Jennet Thomas: All Suffering SOON TO END! Presented by Matt's Gallery, London, U.K. April 14 - June 6, 2010 Comprised of narrative film, sculpture, sound, and performance, Thomas reconstructed the gallery into two interconnecting chambers. The first is the Dark Chamber in which a 30 minute film plays continuously. Escalating into...

Josh Beckman’s Sea Nymph: A shipwrecked boat inside Machine

Josh Beckman and Machine Project
New Work Project Grant

Josh Beckman's Sea Nymph Presented by Machine Project, Los Angeles, CA September 5 - October 22, 2010 A shipwrecked boat inside the space was host to a series of nautical-themed events, performances, lectures, and workshops. For more information about this project, visit here....

Kalup Linzy

Kalup Linzy and Art International Radio (A.I.R)
New Work Project Grant

THE KALUP LINZY VARIETY SHOW Presented by Art International Radio (AIR) Hosted by Kalup Linzy. The Kalup Linzy Variety Show features original material by Kalup Linzy based on characters and themes from his video and performance work. The show is hosted by Labisha (the diva) with Linzy appearing in interview segments...

Matt Bua's "Catamount Museum"

Matt Bua and New York Foundation for the Arts
New Work Project Grant

Mat Bua's "Catamount Museum" West Bridge Street in Catskill, New York The Catamount Museum resembles a lounging bobcat. Described as a "people's museum," it celebrates the history of the Catskills and explore the various theories as to how the word 'cat' got into the name Catskill. Bua, a...