Crop Circle Int'l Cake Plug

Jim Skuldt & New York Foundation for the Arts
New Work Project Grant

Inspired by a fusion of standardized quarters seen in deployable tactical shelters, luxury cruise ship environments and the Hotel Corbusier, Jim Skuldt plans to construct a lodging unit from a standard shipping container in order to transport himself internationally aboard a cargo ship, train, truck or any other form of...

Retextil installation (recycled textile waste) in the former Community Center at Almássy Square. An interior playground and community space formed out of textile material.

Wandering Mill & Retextil Foundation
New Work Project Grant

Wandering Mill is a Hungarian art collective that creates experimental works directly with community members using artistic methods that improve communication, change attitudes, and help solve social problems. Harpo will support a new performance and direct community action by Wandering Mill that will happen in collaboration with Retextil Foundation, an...

Jagged Krush, 2010, Langtang Region, Nepal, Digital C-Print, 24x36 in Work Sample

Peter Sutherland & Printed Matter
New Work Project Grant

Harpo funding is supporting a new artist book by Peter Sutherland. Printed Matter is working with the artist on the publication, which will be a physical aggregation of all of the artist's posts to his Tumblr Blog. Beginning in October 2009, Peter has made 3627 posts, currently has over...

In 'Scenic Jogging,' Mayer runs through gritty urban environments chasing projections of idyllic screensaver landscapes. She chases an elusive image of freedom in the form of a natural world that is always just out of reach.

Jillian Mayer & Locust Projects
New Work Project Grant

Harpo Foundation is providing support for Jillian Mayer’s performance and exhibition 'We Are Talking' at Locust Projects. A sound stage for a televised talk show will be installed inside the gallery, creating a set for the artist to perform the role of host to gallery visitors. The artist will not...

Large painting installation made with Susanne Gottberg for Amos Anderson Art Museum.

Markus Kåhre & Liverpool Biennial
New Work Project Grant

Harpo funding will be used to support a new commission by Markus Kåhre for the Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art. Kåhre will transform the first floor of a 1746 public house into a site-specific installation that will reference the communal linguistic root of words such as ‘host’, ‘guest’ and ‘ghost’,...

Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford, "Death floats by with hot pants" (2010) is a floating sculpture made from cardboard boxes and references Huckleberry Finn’s shotgun shack. The sculpture was sent down the Tiber River..

Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford & Hyde Park Art Center
New Work Project Grant

Harpo Foundation is supporting Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford's residency and exhibition opportunity at Hyde Park Art Center, where the artist will develop and present the project, “Hall of Khan,” a large-scale multi-media installation that will address the human fascination with conquest and building empires, and questioning the prospect of future societies’ ability...

Photo taken during stage one of 'The Equivalance of Silver' project, 2011. Vega Macotela uses his art to make social and economic systems, and intangible concepts like loss, longing, friendship and remorse, tangible. He builds relationships by accompanying the people in his studies in physically and psychologically challenging situations, in this case going deep underground with miners for excruciatingly long working days.

Jose Antonio Vega Macotela & The Rubin Center
New Work Project Grant

Harpo funds will help support the research and production of a new piece called 'The Equivalence of Silver' by Jose Antonio Vega-Macotela and an exhibition of this new work and other recent time-based work by the artist at The University of Texas at El Paso Gerald and Stanlee Rubin Center...

Ross Chaney, Untitled, 2010, Japanese inks and acrylic paint on paper, 24 x 12 in.

Ross Chaney
Native American Residency Fellow

Ross Chaney is an enrolled member of both the Osage Tribe and Cherokee Nation. He grew up in Oklahoma but now lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Chaney received a scholarship to study Japanese art, culture and language and earned two master’s degrees by age 25 in International Relations and Comparative...

Tiffiney Yazzie, "Untitled," Pigment Print, 21"x14" 2011

Tiffiney Yazzie
Native American Residency Fellow

Tiffiney Yazzie grew up in Chinle, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. She is from the Yucca Fruit-Strung-Out-In-A-Line Clan and is born for the Salt People Clan. She recently received her BFA in Photography and BA in Art History from the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University....