"City Sound of Rug", 2013 (detail)

Nora Schultz and The Renaissance Society
New Work Project Grant

Harpo Foundation is pleased to provide project support for an exhibition by Nora Schultz at The Renaissance Society. Nora Schultz produces sculptural arrangements that double as analog printing studios. Her primary materials are discarded objects scavenged from around her studio and the site of exhibition—i.e. metal bars and sheets, grates,...

Video Still "The Pollinators"  Video in Progress  estimated duration 1 hour

Sarah Rara
Grants for Visual Artists

Sarah Rara works with video, film, photography, and performance and is a contributing member of the band Lucky Dragons. A direct artist grant from the foundation will assist the artist's development of a new body of work entitled “The Pollinators,” which focuses on the insects, birds, animals, and vectors that pollinate...

Photo courtesy of Megan and Murray McMillan.

Megan and Murray McMillan
Grants for Visual Artists

Megan and Murray McMillan have been collaborating since 2002. They make interdisciplinary projects that incorporate video, installation, performance and photography. They often start their process by building large sets in their studio or on location. That set then becomes the stage for video and photographs with choreographed actors who activate the set...

BIRDBRAIN, 2012, performance, 40 minutes

Emily Mast
Grants for Visual Artists

Emily Mast received a direct artist grant from the foundation in 2013 and is planning to apply the funds toward the development of a new series of performances based on the “scenic poems” of Joan Brossa (1919-1998), a little known Catalan artist and writer. Brossa’s work (much like her own) deals with...

“Visual Poems Studies in Time and Space” (2010-ongoing)

Dawn Kasper and Cannonball Miami
New Work Project Grant

Harpo Foundation will help support Dawn Kasper's 3-month residency at Cannonball Miami in 2014. During her time in Miami, Ms. Kasper plans to transform her live/work environment into an evolving sculptural space that is open to the public and reflective of her time, research and dialogue with the local context....

My Father's Camry Filled with Leaves Photograph 2009 23x33"

Neil Goldberg
Grants for Visual Artists

For the past twenty years, Neil Goldberg has been making video, photographic and sculptural work that documents the cadences of everyday experience and the dynamics of mortality. Harpo Foundation is pleased to provide Mr. Goldberg with a direct artist grant to assist his production and development of new work. [gallery link="file"...

"Connecting" Diarama for larger project plan.

Donna Dennis
Grants for Visual Artists

An accomplished artist, Donna Dennis has been creating ambitious sculpture and installation work since the early 1970's. In support of her impressive body of work and to assist her production of new work, the foundation provided Ms. Dennis with a direct artist grant in 2013.    ...

Gina Herrera in her studio at the Vermont Studio Foundation, summer 2013

Gina Herrera
Native American Residency Fellow

Gina Herrera collects and uses trash as a never ending source of unconventional material for her sculpture. As a Harpo Fellow at Vermont Studio Center, where she was described as a catalyst among her community of fellow residents, the artist made the work featured below using found material collected from the area. In...

Elisa Harkins
Native American Residency Fellow

Elisa Harkins is a Native American composer and artist from Miami, Oklahoma. Her music, animation, paintings and paper mache sculptures investigate Native American stories, rituals, and spirituality through the lens of someone raised on pop culture and computer games. She received a BA in Interactive Media in 2001 from Columbia College...