Lena Tseabbe Wright
Native American Residency Fellow

Lena Tseabbe Wright is an indigenous multimedia artist. She aims to educate audiences about Indigenous American issues and stories. She focuses less on narratives of destruction and trauma, and more on illuminating the vibrancy and resilience in tribal communities.  (Source; Artwork is copyright of the artist.) ...

Cannupa Hanska Luger
SITE Santa Fe
New Work Project Grants

At Site Santa Fe, Cannupa Hanska Luger will present “Future Ancestral Technologies” (FAT), an immersive mixed-media installation that articulates a futuristic science-fiction narrative in which human migration is essential for survival. FAT utilizes science fiction theory, creative storytelling, and a radical use of materials to influence a global consciousness and...

Abigail Lucien
Emerging Artist Residency Fellow

Abigail Lucien’s practice looks at ways cultural identities and inherited colonial structures transmit to the body and psyche. Part familiar, part foreign, Lucien’s works employ an architectural vernacular – challenging systems of assimilation through material and asking what it means for the body to empathize with a place. The...

Athena LaTocha
New Work Project Grant

Athena LaTocha’s practice is rooted in her native heritage; it involves abandoning manufactured materials rooted in Western culture in favor of paint brushes made from branches or shredded tires, and pigments devised from organic substances. As an Indigenous American artist, LaTocha’s work challenges Western art-making conventions. A major new work...

Harold Mendez
Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (ICA LA)
New Work Project Grants

Working between sculpture and photography, Harold Mendez explores the tension between fiction and truth, with an interest in how constructions of history shape our sense of reality and self. A first-generation American of Mexican-Columbian descent, his work often considers the transnational experience and cultural memory. Mendez introduces a sense of...

Wanesia Spry Misquadace
Native American Residency Fellow

Wanesia Spry Misquadace is a member of the Fond du Lac Band of the Ojibway in Minnesota. Highly adept at the traditional Ojibway practice of making wigwas mamacenawejegam, otherwise known as “transparencies” or “chews,” Misquadace utilizes the eye tooth to firmly bite designs into birch bark. A preserver of traditions...