Jan Mun
Grants for Visual Artists

Jan Mun is a media artist that creates social sculptures working with digital and living media. The landscape has become her framework to unfold stories about others and herself by using a combination of artistic and scientific processes that manifest in the form of interactive installations, photography, performance, and bio-art....

Ricardo Ruiz
Native American Residency Fellow

Ricardo Ruiz’s cultural heritage is indigenous Mexican and Cherokee Indian. His art practice is rooted in drawing, and engages oral traditions that are grounded in curanderismo, Mexican faith healing. Using storytelling and superstition, Ruiz reflects on the everyday while accessing the past, present, and future. Working with personal memoir, ritual,...

Aimée Siegel
The Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans
New Work Project Grant

With a practice that began in sculpture and evolved into collage on canvas, Aimée Siegel sustains a sensitivity to depth and dimensionality, particularly to the viewer’s phenomenological relationship to the work. Seigel’s new work will be presented at The Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans in Hinge Picture, Memory Images,...

Diamond Stingily
Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts
New Work Project Grant

Chicago-born, New York-based artist and poet Diamond Stingily’s work considers issues regarding racial and gender identity, as seen through the lens of her own life, family, and childhood memories. Working with objects and images from her immediate surroundings, such as wooden doors, chains, synthetic hair, or dolls, Stingily points to...

Antoine Williams
Grants for Visual Artists

Antoine Williams’ practice is an investigation of power, perception, semiotics, and fear as they relate to institutional inequities. Influenced by sci-fi literature from such authors as Octavia Butler and H.P. Lovecraft, Williams has created a mythology, concerning the complexities of contemporary Black life. Through mixed-media installations, paintings, drawings, and collages,...

Gerald Clarke
Native American Residency Fellow

Gerald Clarke believes craftsmanship is the highest of virtues. It conveys pride, respect, and authority. Based in California, Clarke’s work aims “to give Indian culture back the humanity that has been taken from it by stereotypes created over the past five centuries.” Clarke works within different mediums including craft, installation, painting,...