"Mixed Hope," from ongoing photo series, 2015

Annesofie Sandal
Emerging Artist Residency Fellow

The Foundation is pleased to provide residency support to Annesofie Sandal, who will spend time at Santa Fe Art Institute in 2016 to develop new work. Ms. Sandal's art work explores the space where the personal and private sphere merges with the public and collective. The artist writes,...

Park McArthur

Park McArthur and
Chisenhale Gallery
New Work Project Grant

Harpo Foundation is pleased to provide project support for a new commission by Park McArthur that will premiere at Chisenhale Gallery as part of the artist's first solo exhibition in the U.K. Working in sculpture, sound and text, Ms. McArthur addresses the formal and informal structures of care, the...

“In Other Words: A Native Primer”, 2013. Vinyl signage, found wood, screws and wire. Dimensions variable. (Detail)

Anna Tsouhlarakis
Grants for Visual Artists

Through her sculpture, performance, installation and video, Anna Tsouhlarakis is helping to create a new vocabulary within the dialogue of Native American art. She is interested in building conceptual connections between seemingly disparate subjects and combining them to become the tool for deciphering and interpreting her own familial narratives. The...

James Angello's studio at the Vermont Studio Center, 2014

James Angello
Native American Residency Fellow

The Foundation is pleased to provide residency support to James Angello, who will spend time at the Vermont Studio Center in 2015 to develop new work. Mr. Angello uses collage as a point of departure, explaining, "I collect, alter, fabricate and assemble objects. I want to understand them,...

Zoe Sheehan Saldana

Zoe Sheehan Saldana
Grants for Visual Artists

Zoe Sheehan Saldana fabricates functional, handmade, faithful duplicates of mass-produced objects. She then releases her creations into environments where they risk going unnoticed. The artist writes, "I hope that the objects and experiences I create provoke unsettledness, to make us consider once again, and with greater attention, that which...

"The Lightest of Stones and the Heaviest of Men," 2015, Video, Sound, TRT 15:00

Shadi Harouni
Grants for Visual Artists

Shadi Harouni follows the absurd and surreal ways in which form and experience are manipulated in politics. The artist's experience of post-war/revolution Iran (as an Iranian and a Kurdish Jew) and the Islamic Republic’s uncertain relationship to music, fashion, taboos and contrabands has been a starting point for much of...

Documentation of "On the Impossibility of Freedom in a Country Founded on Genocide and Slavery," a performance by Dread Scott, 2014. Project produced by More Art. Photographed by Mark Von Holden

Dread Scott
Grants for Visual Artists

Dread Scott works in a range of media: performance, installation, photography, video, screen-print and painting. The thread that connects his work is an engagement with sharp social questions confronting humanity and a desire to push formal and conceptual boundaries. (Excerpt and images below selected from grant proposal. All works...

"Rios Vivos," 2014. Performance with Jaguos Collective. From the series Geo-choreographies, actions that appropriate the public space of riverine ecosystems through the construction of collective bodies.

Carolina Caycedo
Grants for Visual Artists

Carolina Caycedo’s art practice moves beyond the bounds of the studio, gallery and institution and extends into the realm of the social, where she explores systems of movement and exchange, and processes of assimilation and resistance. With her work, the artist seeks to “engage with issues and contexts that...

RANSOM ROOM, initial installation view, SculptureCenter, 2014 
Red sculpture wax with gold mica powder, pigmented stucco, durational performance. 
14 x 22 x 10 feet

Liz Glynn
Grants for Visual Artists

Liz Glynn creates sculptures, large-scale installations, and participatory performances using epic historical narratives to explore the potential for change in the present. Her practice seeks to embody the dynamics of growth, decay, and renewal by evidencing process, encouraging participation, and inciting future action. (Excerpt and images below selected from grant...

“Unnamed Structure,” 2011, white pine, site specific installation at Walker Art Center as part of the exhibition The Spectacular of Vernacular 
Inspired by the forms of covered rural bridges, this commission took the form of a bridge on stilts extending between inside and outside spaces of the museum that visitors could climb into.

Chris Larson and the Walker Art Center
New Work Project Grant

Harpo Foundation is pleased to provide project support for a new video installation by Chris Larson at the Walker Art Center's Medtronic Gallery in 2016. Chris Larson creates ambitious sculptural installations and films with unique narrative structures, often in response to specific sites. The new work, entitled, "Land...