Gerald Clarke, “To the Anthroplogists,” Shovels and mixed media, dimensions variable

Gerald Clarke
Native American Residency Fellow

Gerald Clarke believes craftsmanship is the highest of virtues. It conveys pride, respect, and authority. Based in California, Clarke’s work aims “to give Indian culture back the humanity that has been taken from it by stereotypes created over the past five centuries.” Clarke works within different mediums including craft, installation, painting,...

Ryan Flores, “Slippage,” Ceramic , dimensions variable (2017)

Ryan Flores
Native American Residency Fellow

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Ryan Flores proudly accepted the Native American Residency Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center in 2017, where he developed new work. Recounting that his grandmother was a migrant worker who had to hide her heritage due to the discrimination against those of indigenous cultures, Flores works in...

Ssu-ya Hsuing, Photograph from performance “Turn into a Bird,” video piece 12:04min (2015)

Ssu-ya Hsuing
Emerging Artist Residency Fellow

Originally from Taiwan, Brooklyn-based Ssu-ya Hsuing uses the media of performance art to stage the escapism from reality that she is unwilling to continue living in. Hsuing states that “it is a way of attempting to negate our personal responsibility and to avoid the discomfort of existential angst that we...

Matthew Mazzotta, “Insertion Module,” community-specific public artwork, human scale, 2008

Matthew Mazzotta
Grants for Visual Artists

Matthew Mazzotta works at the intersection of art, activism, and urbanism, focusing on how the power of the built environment shapes our relationships and experiences. His practice invites a critical perspective and a sense of openness into the places where we live. It opens a dialogue that dissects the systems...

Smoke Break, Camp America

Debi Cornwall
Grants for Visual Artists

Brooklyn-based Debi Cornwall is a conceptual documentary artist who marries empathy and dark humor with systemic critique while interrogating American state power in the post-9/11 era. Cornwall’s methodology requires exhaustive research and sensitive negotiation for access to unavailable sites and collaboration with reticent, often traumatized subjects. Her work often takes...

Mariah Garnett, “Untitled (Eclipse),” still from HD video, 11min (2012)

Mariah Garnett
Grants for Visual Artists

Los Angeles-based Mariah Garnett’s work, primarily film, video and installation, exists somewhere in the intersection between appropriation, documentary, and narrative fiction. She often orbits around a subject rather than directly representing it, employing multiple strategies. Her interest lies less in the end goal of representation and rather its process, which...

Yannique Hall, “Lyndaelle and Nathan,” C-Print, 20” x 24” (2017)

Yannique Hall
Grants for Visual Artists

Brooklyn-based Yannique Hall explores intimacy, the interior, and the private through family, home, and relationships. Hall describes her work as a constant search for the familiar—a search for place. The series “Growing Pains” belongs to a growing narrative on the interrelationships between the subjects, who are all personally connected to...

Mike Cloud, “Cycle and Stable,” oil on linen with stretcher bars, wood and hardware, 96” x 96” (2015)

Mike Cloud and Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts
New Work Project Grant

Evolving a unique painterly language that often comprises a mash-up of cutout photographs, thick paint, and handmade patchwork, Brooklyn-based Mike Cloud’s work challenges notions of abstraction in art. For this exhibition, Cloud will create large-scale, three-dimensional painted collages, hand-stitched paper quilts, and ceramic vessels, using familiar imagery to explore semiotics...

B. Wurtz, “Untitled,” C-print, 16” x 20” (1982)

B. Wurtz and Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
New Work Project Grant

B. Wurtz’s new work in his first U.S. museum survey will reflect the artist's cumulative approach to production. While increasingly experimental with materials, he is consistent in his exploration of marking time, place, and subjectivity through everyday activities. B. Wurtz has developed a visual language that subverts the industrial austerity...

Mauricio Edgardo Esquivel, “Multiple Flags,” Wall installation, 45.9’ x 8.9’ x 4.9’ (2017)

Mauricio Edgardo Esquivel
and Virgin Studio at
La Casa Tomada
New Work Project Grant

Brooklyn-based Mauricio Edgardo Esquivel in collaboration with Virgin Studio at La Casa Tomada will present a semi-permanent site-specific installation at Marte Museum in San Salvador, El Salvador as part of Marte Contemporáneo. Esquivel has studied the US-Mexico border since 2010, and his latest installation responds to the concrete interiors and...