The Harpo Foundation was established in 2006 by artist Ed Levine to support emerging and under recognized visual artists. Through grants and residency programs, the foundation seeks to stimulate creative inquiry and encourage new modes of making and thinking about art.

Board of Directors

Olivia Georgia, Chair

Jeremy Levine, Vice-Chair

Isaac A. Saufer, Secretary

Susan Caraballo, Treasurer

Meg Ostrum

Mark Steven Greenfield

Chaim Levine

Past Board of Directors

Edward Levine, founding director emeritus

Patricia Fuller, director emeritus

John Haworth (served 2018 – 2020)

Michael Mercil (served 2015 – 2020)

Charles C. Bergman (served 2014-2017)

Marc Fischer (served 2009-2012)


Julie Deamer, Executive Director