Inspired by a fusion of standardized quarters seen in deployable tactical shelters, luxury cruise ship environments and the Hotel Corbusier, Jim Skuldt plans to construct a lodging unit from a standard shipping container in order to transport himself internationally aboard a cargo ship, train, truck or any other form of intermodal transport.

His aim is to employ any and all forms of intermodal transport conceivable while periodically depositing the pod at select locations where he will attempt to “integrate” by infusing the contents of the container with “value-added” mojo in accordance with the tropes formalized by international free-market trade stategem. The trajectory of the pod, however, will not be governed by market forces; rather, it will migrate in relation to all other astrological bodies ostensibly prone to influence the welfare of its contents (including himself and other goods in this microeconomy) while considering the associated benefit of following these influences temporally and spatially.

Though the container will be affected by this travel, outcomes will be filtered (through him) as they are digested and diffused over multiple experiential, documentary and folkloric forms. These translations include writings over the duration of the trip, filmic record of the project, and songs written from within the pod.