Alicia Eggert’s artwork focuses on the relationship between language, image and time. Her work often moves, changes, deteriorates, and in some cases, even dies.

“Language is one of my primary sculptural materials. Words are like found objects – they are easily recognizable and accessible to anyone who speaks the same language and has the ability to read. But single words can have many definitions, so they can also possess great depth and complexity. “Eternity” uses the hour and minute hands of 30 electric clocks to spell the word “eternity” once every twelve hours. “NOW” uses motorized red line segments to create and destroy the word “now” about once every second. But just like time itself, they never quite come to a complete stop.” (Excerpt from grant proposal.)

Harpo Foundation is pleased to provide Ms. Eggert with a direct artist grant to assist her production and development of new work.