Back River Road Residency Program

The residence at Back River Road

Back River Road Residency is at Ed Levine’s former home and studio in South Royalton, Vermont. Starting in 2022, this program will host two 6-week residencies for visual artists each summer to encourage a new conversation between the artist and the landscape.

Inspiration for these residencies lies in Henry David Thoreau’s life and writings. Thoreau left the city to live frugally by Walden Pond. His existential engagement with nature reshaped his understanding of both the natural and the constructed world resulting in his book Walden; or, Life in the Woods.

The program invites emerging and under-recognized visual artists to extend their work by engaging the rural culture of Vermont’s landscape: from its sounds and sights to its values. The six-week self-directed residencies on the 10-acre property located in central Vermont provide an opportunity for artists to engage in a dialogue between Vermont’s traditions as a rural state and the traditions of the larger urban culture that surrounds it.

Additional details about this program coming soon.



Back River Road Residency Program

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