Ed Levine

1935 – 2020

As an artist, Ed Levine explored the relationships among sculpture, landscape, photography, and architecture with numerous temporary installations, exhibitions, and permanent public commissions.

Ed Levine

Vermont Village

Split Building

Clock Building

Shaker Building

Floating Stones, 1992

Embodying Thoreau, 2003

Godot’s Silence, 2003

Nun’s Pilgrmiage, 2012

Connections and Detours, 1985

Ed Levine

Public Installations

Ed Levine

Photography + Animation

Washing the World, 2002

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, 2004

Landscape with Furniture, 2004

Landscape with Boats, 2004

Les Jardin des Poetes, 2006

Nun Desecnding, 2017

No U-turn, 2016

Mirrored Balls, 2016