Jan Mun is a media artist that creates social sculptures working with digital and living media. The landscape has become her framework to unfold stories about others and herself by using a combination of artistic and scientific processes that manifest in the form of interactive installations, photography, performance, and bio-art. Mun creates interfaces to elicit participation as a reflection and critique of political and social systems. Working with communities such as Newtown Creek Alliance, BeeVillageNYC, NYC Mycological Society, and the Soil & Microbiology labs at Brooklyn College, she innovates ideas to be realized through research, chance, and collaboration. One of Mun’s long-term projects includes ProfileUS: Invasive Species, a series of social sculptures that examines the biopolitics of the East Asian female migration in the US by looking at the interconnections made by humans and other species that have migrated adapting to their new or established environments through the lens of art, technology, and biopolitics.

(Excerpt and image above selected from grant proposal. Artwork is copyright of the artist.)