Jared Thorne‘s project seeks to photograph every remaining Planned Parenthood facility in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Alongside the images will be written testimonials from people who work at the healthcare facilities. Upon completion, he plans to create a book that serves not only as a document, but as a catalyst for discussion about gender, race, and class within the American landscape. Calls to defund or otherwise restrict Planned Parenthood in cases similar to, Women’s Whole Health v. Hellerstedt, will no doubt continue despite the recent Supreme Court ruling, and the catastrophic threat posed to women and girls in predominantly African American and Latinx communities will no doubt persist. As a Black artist Thorne is deeply committed to expanding and reinterpreting how we view and define subjectivity.

Image: Jared Thorne, Toledo, OH, 2018. Photograph. 40 x 50 in. Courtesy of the artist.