Residency at Headlands Center for the Arts
Sausalito, CA, 2009

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy are a collaborative team working with interactive media, performance and installation. Their work examines the relationships between new technology, mass media and personal experience. They draw from memory, tropes of science fiction and cinematic narrative in creating robotic installations that are both visually intriguing and technically fascinating, exploring the relationship between form and function in a unique way.

During their residency, the artists used materials they found in the attic at the Headlands to create three new works. Slide Inversion creates a kind of hybrid instant archive, overlaying images of Headlands past and present. Film inversion has a tiny camera riding the ever-spinning wheel of a film projector to create a whirling image. And Video Inversion uses a found crate to house an endlessly spinning and clicking VCR. Speaking of these work, the artists explain, “In these sculptures, we have taken the usual instruments of the pervious generation of image projection equipment and transformed them into image creators.” (From Headlands Center for the Arts website and residency-related materials.)