Noa Yekutieli (b. 1989, California, US) is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist working between Tel Aviv, Israel, and Los Angeles, California. In her work, Yekutieli combines various craft techniques including manual paper-cutting, hand-woven textiles, and site-specific installation to study contemporary cultural patterns through traditional pattern-making. By developing contemporary applications of traditional craft, and drawing from her Israeli-Japanese-American heritage, Yekutieli creates new patterns that capture the complexities of multicultural narratives that cannot be ascribed to binary categories. She utilizes odds – negative space and material, black and white or colorful patterns, cutting and weaving, to challenge singular perspectives, languages, and political approaches. Coming from a multicultural background, Yekutieli draws from her personal experiences, often incorporating various inconsistent narratives that explore displacement and assimilation. Many of her works and installations contain recurring patterns that formally and metaphorically explore social-political patterns of destruction, conflict, immigration, a longing for an unknown origin, and fractured notions of homeland.

Image: Noa Yekutieli, Shoji Screen, 2021. Manual paper-cutting. 60 x 97.25 in. Courtesy of the artist.