R.H Quaytman
Presented by the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston (ICA)
November 18, 2009 – March 28, 2010

Harpo funding helped support the first solo museum presentation of R.H. Quaytman, a Boston-born/New York-based painter, who delves into her own personal histories tied to the city as well as that of the ICA as a springboard for her installation of thirty new paintings and “visible storage” – a cut-out of the gallery’s wall that “stored” a number of paintings obscured from full view. The installation was partly an exploration of museum histories, archives, and storage, as well as curating; Quaytman, a former curator herself, drafted an accompanying essay that was also part of the exhibition. Alongside references to ICA archival photos, historical documents, and the museum logo as subjects, Quaytman also displayed a number of abstract and optically patterned paintings (Source: ICA final report).

View the exhibition online by visiting here.