The Foundation is pleased to provide residency support to Rachel Mulvihill, who will spend time at the Vermont Studio Center in 2015 to develop new work.

As an Unangan Aleut-Swedish-Irish American who grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, Rachel Mulvihill’s painting is influenced by what she experiences in this place, about which she writes, “For my mother and father, moving to Alaska was respectively a homecoming and a new frontier. This place, my home, is always under construction. As I paint landscapes and interiors I am aware of the people who have shaped these places and share them with me. I am not an adventurer artist who defies subzero weather or climbs mountains as part of my art making process. I continue to live in Fairbanks and unapologetically make art about life as an urban Alaskan.”

Rachel Mulvihill graduated from Bard College in 2008.