Spectres of Liberty is an artist collaborative made up of Dara Greenwald, Josh MacPhee and Olivia Robinson. Their hybrid work combines moving images, situated and community practices, and historical research as well as digital animation, video, sculpture, web, text, and print.

Harpo Foundation is pleased to have supported The Great Central Depot in the Open City, which took the form of a public cultural event with a large-scale media installation in a store front in Syracuse, NY, to reengage the city with its past in the mid-19th century as one of the most anti-slavery cities in the US.

In the mid-19th Century, Syracuse, NY, was called the “Great Central Depot,” and its residents helped thousands escape slavery. Jermaine Loguen, a Reverend and station master in the Underground Railroad, called Syracuse an “Open City” because he and fellow abolitionists openly provided sanctuary for freedom-seekers. The Great Central Depot is a project inspired by this history. (Source: Franklin Furnace grant proposal)

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