Harpo Foundation is pleased to support The Transformazium, an art installation and participatory community space in a once-abandoned church building in Braddock, Pennsylvania. Its purpose is to value and activate local relationships, ideas and resources in a post-industrial town whose residents are in the process of discovering innovative solutions to the challenges of the region.

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Together, Ruthie Stringer, Dana Bishop-Root, Leslie Stem and Caledonia Curry (aka Swoon) are reviving the majestic hall, physically transforming the steel-frame structure with a fusion of restoration, invention, construction, and original creation.

The Transformazium asserts the power of place-based art and a creative process that values and engages it’s locality.

By turning a derelict church into a neighborhood resource center and creative laboratory, The Transformazium serves as a means for investigating sustainable ways to re-imagine and rebuild post-industrial towns and cities and symbolizes the potential in breathing new life into overlooked materials, neighborhoods and spaces. (Source: Bradduck Redux grant proposal)

Special thanks to Creative Time for serving as the fiscal sponsor for this grant.

For more information about the project, please visit here.