The Foundation is pleased to provide residency support to  Tomahawk GreyEyes, who will spend time at the Vermont Studio Center in 2016 to develop new work.

Mr. GreyEyes is an interdisciplinary artist from the Navajo Nation who uses site-specific installations, print, and video to convey intertribal autonomist messages to the dominant society. Tomahawk honed his artist practice to include political messages coming from the Indigenous perspective on trauma, decolonization and protest. The work challenges Western ideas of what it means to be a human being and the stereotypical ideas of native peoples in America. Tom believes humanity is at a critical time and he states “In the process of decolonization theory there’s a part where the colonized start to dream again. We look at creating a new future. I believe art plays a vital component in realizing what our ancestors have always prayed for.” 

(Excerpt and images of art work below courtesy the artist’s website.)