Wave Farm Light Pendulum, 2009
at free103point9

A founder of art works using light, Tony Martin has, since the 1960’s, created seminal new media works. As early as 1968, Howard Wise called his work “cybernetic” for the way he applied information processes. In his works “Well” and “Interaction Room,” the electronic systems were the interface between the viewer and the event and process of the sculpture or installed environment. He created the electronic and optical configurations for these in his own studio, and when necessary, commissioned help from the new generation of engineers and scientists forging new ways and methods.

Wave Farm Light Pendulum is controlled by site-specific environmental conditions including light, sounds, and motion. It functions as both a stand-alone kinetic sculpture as well as a temporal instrument used in a performance-based setting.

It features a 6″ diameter glass pendulum with an LED pin light installed at the top of the line. Motion is caused by the earth’s rotation and conditions of air movement. A large parabolic mirror with receptors and sensors positioned inside the dish directs information about the amount and direction of light reflected on the pendulum, which is constantly in motion, and also by the proximity, movement, and placement of the viewer.

The changing signals and resitors regulate channels of audio/visual content so in a live performance setting, each channel becomes part of adynamic environment.(From the website and final report of Free103point9)