Harpo was pleased to support Cindy Bernard’s project, The Inquisitive Musician, an adaptation of a 17th century satire attributed to Johann Kuhnau, Bach’s predecessor as cantor of Leipzig, Germany. The satire pits itinerant “beer fiddlers” against the official city sanctioned “Kunstpfeifer” (or “art piper”) in an argument over who is the better musician and has the right to perform and be fairly compensated. The struggle arises out of the challenge of an economically strained populace to compensate musicians for their labor, a familiar story which continues to this day.

During the premiere performance at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) in 2011, the various roles were populated by artists, musicians and writers who identify with the struggle represented in the play, which is presented as a staged read with video and live music.

Please visit the artist’s website for more details.