Presented by The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA
May 8, 2010 – August 8, 2010

David Beattie assembles sound-based installations from repurposed machines, their parts, and other found objects. By transforming ordinary apparatuses, he creates reimagined objects and scenarios that emphasize motion, simple mechanics, and our accumulative relationships with commonplace materials. In particular, Beattie investigates technology as it relates to the evolution and advancement of the human condition.

Old Light, New Darkness is a collection of five works viewed together in the third floor gallery space of The Mattress Factory. The installation presents itself as a series of stations for a viewer to navigate toward and within. While the individual works credit popular notions, scientific experiments and theories, they can also each be understood much less literally as conceptual and sculptural entities of their own. (Source: The Mattress Factory website)

View the exhibition online by visiting here.