Emily Mast received a direct artist grant from the foundation in 2013 and is planning to apply the funds toward the development of a new series of performances based on the “scenic poems” of Joan Brossa (1919-1998), a little known Catalan artist and writer. Brossa’s work (much like her own) deals with the essence of words, miscommunication and the absurd in everyday conversation. The artist is collaborating with the Brossa Foundation in Barcelona and an LA-based Catalan interpreter and translator to select and translate texts that will serve as “scripts” for free-standing theatrical vignettes to be staged throughout the LACMA campus in March 2014. The exhibition will function a bit like a scavenger hunt, with a docent who will gently guide spectators from one live performance to the next so that they experience them together as a series of live juxtaposed vignettes. A stand-alone film that expands upon each of the live staged works will also be developed.