Emma Wilcox will use Harpo support for Where it Falls, a residency, exhibition and publication project at The Print Center that will expand on the artist’s roof-top interjections of large-scale, text-based work. These interjections reach unexpected viewers on Google Earth when satellite imagery is updated.

Over the past seven years Wilcox has been writing texts using paint and household flour, in twelve-foot-high letters, on rooftops throughout Newark, NJ and photographing them via helicopter. By interjecting large-scale, text-based work into an urban environment, Wilcox examines issues of environmental justice, land usage, eminent domain and the role of individual meaning in the creation of local history. The photographic documentation of these interjections will form the core of her exhibition at The Print Center.

This project was funded as part of the foundation’s 2011 funding cycle, which explores the interchange and dialogue between the non-locality of the digital world and the existential physicality of our everyday environment.

For more information about this artist, visit www.emmawilcox.org.