Harpo Foundation is seeking a Studio Institute intern of Native American / Indigenous descent to support the research and development of a new Harpo Foundation grant program for contemporary Native visual artists. 


Position Overview: 

The intern will be exposed to philanthropy broadly and the grantmaking sector more specifically, including a network of public and private foundations and funders that support the arts in the United States. Even more specifically, the intern will learn about the array of art professions embedded in a philanthropic sector comprised of artist-endowed foundations. Harpo Foundation is a member of the Artist-Endowed Foundation Initiative (AEF) Consortium to Advance the Next Generation of BIPOC Leaders in the Visual Arts. As a consortium member, Harpo Foundation’s intern will have regular weekly contact with other consortium member interns while attending site visits, interviews with AEF leaders, discussions with AEF staff, and conversations with art professionals providing services to AEFs.

The intern will develop special knowledge around grantmaking in general and be empowered to serve as a thought leader on how to provide support to Native American artists through grants. Multiple achievable objectives will stem from their focused research and the intern will be empowered to take ownership of the project and make a meaningful contribution to Harpo Foundation, the field of contemporary visual art, and the funding landscape for contemporary Native visual art.

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Development of a resource list of existing funding opportunities directed to Native artists.

  • Study and evaluation of different funding models to identify best practices, barriers, and gaps in the funding landscape.

  • A written report to include findings and potential funding scenarios that will effectuate positive impact on contemporary Native visual artists.

  • Development of a funding model for a new Harpo Foundation grant program that will support contemporary Native visual artists.


  • Excellent research skills, an ability to think critically and analytically, and good attention to detail and accuracy.

  • Good writing skills with an ability to distill relevant information in an organized way that keeps a reader’s interest.

  • Communication skills with ability to ask good questions, share ideas confidently, and present information clearly.

  • Proficiency with standard computer programs including cloud-based platforms.


  • Interns will work remotely 28 hours per week
  • On the 5th day of each week, interns will attend an offsite program day with their cohort. These hours are separate from the internship hours.
  • Total Weeks: 9 weeks

Studio Institute Eligibility Criteria:

  • must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student. You must be a rising Junior or Senior as of June 2023.
  • must reside or attend college/university in New York.
  • must have an Expected Family Contribution of less than $5000. This number is on your FAFSA form.

To Apply:

For guidelines and application procedures, please visit the Studio Institute listing for the Harpo Foundation Research & Development Intern by clicking here.


Application deadline; April 15, 2023