Harpo Foundation is supporting Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford’s residency and exhibition opportunity at Hyde Park Art Center, where the artist will develop and present the project, “Hall of Khan,” a large-scale multi-media installation that will address the human fascination with conquest and building empires, and questioning the prospect of future societies’ ability to create new imperial territories.

Using the equestrian war statue as the archetypal icon for celebrating achievement, Jeremiah will construct a series of five to ten mixed-media sculptures updating the war monument for the 21st Century. These sculptures will be displayed on sculpted saddle stands or mounted on live horses during the public program of events.

The installation will also feature a futuristic stable sculpture (or the “hall”) that showcases Jeremiah’s expertise in fantasy architecture and conceptually houses the saddled sculptures. Referencing the grand architecture emblematic of World Fairs, in particular the Crystal Palace (in Hyde Park, London, UK, 1851), the “hall” is there to conjure excitement around cultural advancement. With this installation the artist is creating a parallel between the monument and great hall architecture as common representations of political and technological power.