Martine Gutierrez produces elaborate, pop-culture-based, narrative scenes exploring the nuances of identity in terms of race, gender, and indigeneity. Using a variety of media that melds dance, photography, video, set, and costume design, Gutierrez plays all roles in the creative process, asserting control over her own image. Through her work, she affirms LGBTQ beauty in the Latinx community, working against the historic representation of trans and gay artists represented as ‘other’ For her exhibition at CAM, Gutierrez will create a site-specific multimedia experience for visitors. Hit Movie: Vol. 1, a video collage of sorts, will feature numerous femme fatale characters performed, costumed, and directed by Gutierrez. A trailer of the video will be projected on CAM’s facade as part of Street Views, with a photograph by the artist on view in the Front Gallery.

Image: Martine Gutierrez, Body En Thrall, p122-123 from Indigenous Woman, 2018. © Martine Gutierrez. Courtesy the artist and RYAN LEE Gallery, New York.