Sarah Oppenheimer
Presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
September 26, 2009 – January 31, 2010

As part of the exhibition, Automatic Cities: The Architectural Imaginary in Contemporary Art, which uses notions of architecture in the broadest sense to make reference to sites, cities, and spaces both real and imagined, Sarah Oppenheimer created a new work during a residency that took into account the associations and implications of its museum setting. Using the gallery itself as her medium, Sarah created a “movie made with architecture” consisting of constructed portals that frame views, which in turn are animated by the movement of those who peer into them. Two unusual vantage points into the adjacent gallery provide the viewer with a gaze into the eyes of those in the nearby room while simultaneously, below the waist of others. Yet unlike the characters in a movie, the subject being looked at here can readily look back. Thus, the visitor sees himself as an object of another’s gaze, and a self-conscious voyeurism is established that fully reconceptualizes the museum experience (Source: MCASD final report).

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